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'22 million deaths in America'
Posted Date:-3/18/2020 11:57:46 AM


corona shakes the world There is concern over the destruction. Many countries are plagued by this pandemic. Imperial College London, a team led by Professor Neil Ferguson on the corona boom, has been blinded by the pandemic. Analyzing the latest data in Italy, where Corona is heavily deployed, the forecast predicts developments in the coming days. A comparison of the covid-19 in 1918 stated that 22 million people died in the US and 5 million in Britain due to the lack of measures to curb the corona. The study found that 250,000 people were killed and health systems were left with no premature restrictions on life expectancy.The closure of theaters, malls, clubs and pubs, and social distance, where people meet, said the pandemic could be widespread. "These actions can put a huge strain on us socially and economically," said Azra Ghani, a professor of epidemiology who worked with Ferguson. Tim Colomban, an epidemiologist at University College London, has warned that the predictions set out in this study are signaling that it is already past time. The British government was alarmed by this. Expert instructions will be included in the government action plan. It is noteworthy that the British government, led by Boris Johnson, has been widely criticized for failing to adequately combat the Kovid-19. Italy, Spain,


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