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Attack on Rahulsipliganj
Posted Date:-3/5/2020 12:51:47 PM


Singer and bigboss-3 winner Rahul sipliganj was attacked at a pub in Hyderabad. He was bleeding profusely with beer bottles. Rahul Sipliganj came to a pub in Gachibowli on Wednesday night with his friends and a girlfriend. It was reported that some youths were behaving inappropriately towards the young woman who accompanied RahulHalf an hour later the two sides began to attack each other. Rahul was seriously injured when he was attacked with beer bottles. Police arrived at the scene and collected details.Rahul is reported to be abusive towards relatives of MLA Rohit Reddy. Rahul was discharged after receiving treatment at a private hospital in Gachchi Bowli. He said that he was nothing but a minor injury. Rahul left without making a complaint to the police. The police said they would file a case against the pub.


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