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Telengana CM KCR’s plans for a new Secretariat
Posted Date:-11/30/2019 4:30:03 PM


Telangana CM KCR who is an avid believer and follower of Vasthu has earlier made it clear that he will build a new Assembly building in the state as the old now has not built according to Vasthu.


It is reported that KCR is planning to build a new assembly and secretariat which enhances the beauty of Hyderabad city.


KCR said that the Vidhan Sabha Bhavan has become very old and is also on many issues and he has laid the foundation stone of the Chief Engineer Officer in the Heritage Bhawan land in Erammaranjil.


Several petitions were filed opposing the construction of the Vidhan Sabha building and the High Court asked the government how the Heritage status could be removed without forming an expert committee.


The government has taken a step back with these developments. According to reports from insiders, the Telangana government is trying to build a secretariat, assembly and council hall just like Bangalore.

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