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New WhatsApp breach: India cyber cell advises update
Posted Date:-11/19/2019 5:52:06 PM


India's main cyber security agency, the certificate, has asked users to update WhatsApp on their phones after discovering a new malware on older versions of the messaging app.Malware is triggered by a video file sent from an unknown number.


WhatsApp said in a statement that there was no reason to believe that users' phones were affected.Soon after WhatsApp accepted the news of the new malware, its software was used to install spyware on the phone.


Facebook, which owns WhatsApp, announced a new vulnerability in the system a few days ago.It added that if users opened the video file, the software installed itself on the phone - equally to Pegasus malware, which was supposedly used against journalists and activists.



The certificate states that the new malware has allowed attackers to access the phone and make changes to the device, regardless of where it is geographically located.


The new malware requires users to open a video file, unlike the more sophisticated Pegasus that activates itself through a vulnerability in WhatsApp's video calling function and does not need to answer calls. The messaging app has also said that it has released a security update that malware should take care of.India has 400 million WhatsApp users, making the country its largest market.

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