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USstate department official quits amid inflatedCVclaims
Posted Date:-11/19/2019 4:57:23 PM


A senior US State Department official who had allegedly extended his resume resigned from his post.Meena Chang, deputy assistant secretary in the State Department of Bureau of Conflict and Stability Operations, submitted her resignation on Monday.

According to the American news outlet POLITICO, Chang wrote in the letter, "Resignation is the only acceptable moral and ethical option for me."


He also cried out the current culture in the State Department, which did not defend him.NBC News reported last week that Chang extended his achievements in education and further his experiences.


Chang claimed to be a graduate of Harvard Business School, while Varnika said she only completed a seven-week course in 2016 and did not pursue a degree. 

She also stated that she was an undergraduate at a program at the US Army War College in the state of Pennsylvania, but she attended a four-day seminar there.


Chang said she addressed both Democratic and Republican national conventions in 2016, but NBC reported that she spoke at different events held in the same cities at the same time.

Chang was twice nominated by the administration of President Donald Trump as an assistant administrator of the US Agency for International Development, but his nomination was returned in September after the Senate requested more documents supporting his work in the past Was taken

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