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Happy B'day Thaman: Sneak peek into his musical journey
Posted Date:-11/16/2019 4:05:48 PM


Musicians celebrate Thamman's birthday every year with great enthusiasm, as he entertains them all year round with his body. And then, the musician also celebrates with his loved ones in a simple way. But this year, both Thaman and fans have special reasons to fly the festival with more passion.


It would be best for his birthday to be celebrated as his songs are literally at the top slots as chartbusters. First it is Samavajragamna and then Ramulu Ramula, followed by the album OMG Daddy, all from the album Ala Vaikunthapuramullu that literally makes music lovers swim in the clouds. These songs are making virtually all kinds of records on YouTube and Thaman is fully credited for the success of these soul-stirring, foot-tapping numbers.


Then comes his retro magic through the song Disco Raja, where he brings SP Baloo's forgotten voice back to magic. After clicking on that retro song, expectations on that album rose. And then Thaman gave interesting songs to Prithviraj Pandage and the singles released so far are thrilling the music lovers.


Cut Venky Mama, while the village song is good, the Yenlako song once again epitomizes the retro feel that jazz piano takes us for a ride. The best blur of music with his trumpet, will surely be Thaman's best birthday today. Happy Birthday Musical Genius.

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