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Ready for Telangana Band if needed! In Party meeting..
Posted Date:-10/9/2019 4:16:46 PM


In the wake of the Telangana RTC strike today, the RTC ICASA held an all-party meeting at the Samaj Guda Press Club. As part of this, all political parties, employers and teachers unions have been invited by ICAS leaders. The event was attended by RTC icon Convenor Ashwadhamareddi, Ramachander Rao from Bhajapa, Kodandaram, President of Telangana Jana Samiti and several CPM and TDP leaders.

At an all-party meeting, RTC ICAS Convenor Ashwadhamareddy said that the main purpose of the strike was not salary responsibilities and that the aim of the RTC was to survive. The CM has been criticized for being very stupid. He criticized that 7000 people had not been recruited over the past five years. The workers questioned why they were not giving the hidden PF money.

The RGCP criticized that diesel burden is high and diesel tax is taxed at 27%. He said that there were about a quarter of the people in the state who fully supported the strike. Telangana bandh will be called if needed.

Justice Chandra Kumar said that the RTC was acting illegally. He alleged that Rs 1000 crore goes to the government every year from the RTC. RTC workers have questioned the salary increase guarantee.

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