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SaveNallamala Led To Suspension Of Janasena Accounts?
Posted Date:-9/18/2019 6:19:14 PM

"That hashtag #SaveNallamana was an event started by us like last three days, we did a campaign and got a response from a Katie Rama Rao (Telangana MAUD minister), because many celebrities also came out in support. They only gave Jana Targeted. Shiv Sena supporters said because we have a lot of support in social media and the only voice we have, what is happening is oppression of the voice, " Nhonne said.
Twitter rules state that using a trending or popular hashtag intended to sabotage or manipulate a conversation or to draw traffic or attention to accounts, websites, products, services, or initiatives; And tweeting with excessive, unrelated hashtags in a single tweet or in multiple tweets can lead to suspension.


The Jana Sena party is headed by Telugu film actor Pawan Kalyan. The party recently contested the state elections in 2018 and managed to win just one seat.


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