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'I did not commit a crime by making Saaho'
Posted Date:-9/10/2019 6:35:55 PM

Saho's director Sujith has spoken openly about his film, which is coming to a critical failure and feels that the audience is targeting him the most. In an interview with Deccan Chronicle, the director stated that his primary objective to make Saaho was for the lead actor Prabhas and his producers, who supported him on the project. Despite the film's considerable box office figures, Sujeet claims that he is being "treated harshly as if I have committed a crime".
Saaho, which was reportedly set on a huge budget of Rs 350 crore, has grossed Rs 400 crore at the box office, with Rs 100 crore collected from the film's Hindi release. But according to reports, breaking this feature would also entail a business of Rs 600 crore.
Asked if Sujit had actually made a statement that his fans in Bihar wanted to build a temple as a tribute to him, the director said he would like to see where he made such claims. Someone released the information on YouTube completely unrelated to the film and fans took it at face value. The filmmaker says he would never make such a statement, especially since he knows it sounds "ridiculous".
Sujeet says that he is not going to speak very proudly. "If I get boisterous, my mother will kill me." They build temples for people like Rajinikanth sir and Mammootty sir. I can only be a devotee in the temple of great actors and great cinema. I'm not bragging. I am staying away from media and public appearances just because of the negativity being thrown into the film. Love or hate the film. But why target me? "Said the filmmaker.
He also mentioned that in such an effort, it is the support of his producers and actor Prabhas who still keep him positive.
Saaho has received generally negative reviews for the film's weak plot and over-the-top scenes. 


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