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Heavy rain in Nepal claims 67 lives in 5 days
Posted Date:-7/15/2019 8:41:08 PM

At such times when there has been an annual flood in many states in India, in Nepal, heavy rains have killed 67 people in the last week. Continuous heavy downturn since Thursday has affected normal life in 28 districts of the country.
According to the news, due to floods and landslides nearly 30 people are still missing and more than 40 have been injured, which have been caused due to continuous rain.
Natural disaster has damaged homes that displaced thousands of people. Due to floods and landslides, there has been adverse impact on transport, electricity and water supply.
Relief and rescue work is on, with the army, Nepal Police has saved more than 1,400 people so far. It has been reported that the water level in all major rivers is likely to be near danger mark.
The Meteorological Prediction Division has predicted rain at several places in some places of eastern and central areas and with the possibility of heavy rainfall at one or two places in the western region.



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