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NZ PM Ardern jokes about cricket defeat 'trauma'
Posted Date:-7/15/2019 4:04:14 PM

Ms. Ardern said that she was "very proud" of her national performance in Cricket World Cup
New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacqueline Ardhane joked that after losing to England in the Nile-Biting Finals, he has been "shocked" by his country's World Cup defeat.
But he told the news outlet RNZ that he was "incredibly proud" of the team.
Many people on social media said that New Zealand's Black Caps lost the game but "won our hearts"
New Zealand lost to a technical boundary rule, making England their first Cricket World Cup title.
"I think maybe many people in New Zealand still feel a lot of shock from that match," Ms. Airdon told Radio New Zealand.
"But regardless of that end result, I am incredibly proud of just Black Caps, and I hope every New Gentleman does this because he has played remarkable cricket."
In an Instagram post, Ms. Airdon sent her congratulations to England, saying: "I think that as a nation we all are one year old in that super over."
Even Royal Family's Twitter account quoted Queen, "New Zealand ... competed so well during the whole tournament"
New Zealand's second consecutive defeat in the final of the Cricket World Cup was on Sunday. The team also lost to Australia in 2015.
New Zealand suffered a dramatic defeat on Sunday
But despite their loss, many people praised the players for showing the true "sports spirit".


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