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Prabhas Supports Sundeep Kishan
Posted Date:-7/11/2019 5:35:07 PM

Prabhas has given his support to Sudip Kishan, whose first production venture Nine Vedani Nidani Nene is killing the screen tomorrow. Sunderdep, who is not leaving the job for NVNN in the film campaign, still got a big bonus with Prabhas to get involved in the promotion.
Prabhas bought the first ticket of Nine Vedani Nidni Nene from Sundeep for Rs.1166. Bahubali Star has spent quality time with Sudeep and his team. Prabhas was keen about the film and its line. He said that he has developed his interest to watch the film. After watching the movie trailer, Prabhas congratulated the team and greeted him well.
Along with this, Sudeep is hoping that all fans of Darling Prabhas will see Nineu Vedani Nene and will make her film a big success. Let's see.



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