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US launches inquiry into French plan to tax tech giants
Posted Date:-7/15/2019 1:09:18 PM

The Trump administration said on Wednesday that he will investigate whether a French plan stops an unfair business practice to tax the American technology giants such as Facebook and Google, which penalized their counterattack tariffs, increasing their global business battle. can go.
The investigation conducted by the United States Trade Representative, by the Trump Administration, is the latest in adopting a more aggressive approach to business practices of allies, especially in technology, to harbor American companies.
This is expected to increase tensions with the European Union, which President Trump has already threatened with the auto tariff and has criticized the United States for selling more goods than the purchase. Mr. Trump has said repeatedly that the EU is worse than China when it talks of business practices and runs its top anti-regulatory regulator, Margaret Vestiger, he has said that Google, Apple and other American companies Is targeted incorrectly.

The purpose of the American action announced on Wednesday is France, which has been transferred independently from European Union to tax on technology companies.


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