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Sri Lanka Attack: Death Rate Rises to 300
Posted Date:-4/23/2019 7:46:07 PM


In Sri Lanka the number of dead in the terrorist attack is increasing steadily. On Tuesday, the number of people killed in this blast has reached 300. On Sunday, there were serial bombings at 8 places in the country.

Ten Indians were killed in the blast. Out of 300 people, 45 are foreigners, who have died. A special session of Parliament is called in Sri Lanka today, in this session the tributes will be given to the dead.

10 Indians who have died in this terror attack include two JDS workers from Karnataka. Karnataka CM H.D. Kumaraswamy tweeted that his 8 workers were missing in Sri Lanka, out of which two person deaths have been confirmed.

On the festival of Easter, there were 8 explosions in many cities including Sri Lanka's capital Colombo, Kandy. The number of the injured is nearly 500. Sri Lanka has considered this attack a big mistake and blamed to foreign terrorists for it. The Sri Lankan government, blamed Muslim group National Tawheed Jamat (NTJ), for attack.

Threat is still retained on Monday after the attack on Sunday. On Monday, at the main bus station of Petta, 87 Detonator were found. Apart from this, a live bomb was found near the airport.

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