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EU ‘Strongly Condemns’ New US Policy on Cuba
Posted Date:-4/18/2019 8:29:58 PM


The European Union has condemned a decision to open a path to lawsuits in American courts on the property seized by Cuba by the administration of the US President Donald Trump.


The European Union is currently the largest trading partner of the Communist island. President Trump will open the way for lawsuits in US courts on Cuban secrets seized, enforcing a controversial law that may annoy European allies and after the delay of more than two decades, can erode the island's economy.


Since the Congress passed the Hals-Burton Act in 1996, the US presidents, starting with Bill Clinton, have used their power to suspend key provisions every six months, which keep in mind the international results.


A senior administration official said that National Security Advisor John Bolton will unveil this change in a speech in Miami today, in which he will take action in Venezuela and Nicaragua, two other countries of Latin America.

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