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A Man Shot Dead While Making Tik-Tok Video
Posted Date:-4/15/2019 8:09:56 PM


During a Tik-Tok video on Barakhambah Road in Delhi, an incident took place in which a man lost his life. Using Tik-Tok Mobile app, holding pistol in hand while shooting the video,  the man shot dead while driving a car. Barakhambah Police Station has arrested three youths, including two friends of the deceased in the car. This incident took place on Saturday night. Pistol has been found on the spot. The police is also investigating other aspects of the incident.


According to the New Delhi District Police officials, LNJP Hospital had given information that Salman (19) from New Jafarabad has been admitted to a hospital by Haji Imran. He was shooted and at 11:15 pm, Salman died. From Police investigation it was revealed that Salman came to visit India Gate in the car along with Aamir from  New Seelampur and Sohail from New Jafarabad.

While returning, Salman was driving the car, Sohail was sitting next to him and Aamir was sitting behind. Sohail took pistol near Ranjeet Singh Flyover and started making video on mobile from Tik-Tok application. Suddenly he press trigger and the bullet got shot and went to Salman's left cheek. Allegations that Salman was taken to Daryaganj instead of taking him to the hospital. There, Sohail gave information about the incident to Salman's relative Haji Imran. Leaving Salman there, Sohail and Aamir approached to their friend Sharif.

Sharif washed the blood stains on Sohail's clothes and Aamir hide the pistol. Barakhambah police chief Prahalad said that Sohail has been arrested for killing, Aamir and Sharif are arrested on the charge of removing evidence

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