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Ajay Devgn in 'RRR' Confirm
Posted Date:-3/14/2019 6:44:15 PM


Rajamouli, the well-known Director of Indian Cinema, is busy in his new movie 'RRR'. After signing Alia Bhatt another news is coming out that Bollywood Ajay Devgan will also be seen in the film.

Rajamouli signed Ajay Devgn for specials role in 'RRR'. The director announced in a press conference of Hyderabad that Ajay Devgan agreed for playing a special role in his film. According to Rajamouli, 'We had offered a special character to Ajay, which he has accept it. Ajay has liked the character so much that he gave us his dates too. He will be seen in the movie's Flashback Portion.

Ajay Devgn and Rajamouli are good friends from the time of the movie 'Makhi'. Ajay Devgan gave his voice in the Hindi version of 'Makhi', since then both are become good friends. This was the reason that when Rajamouli requested Ajay Devgan to perform a special role in 'RRR', he immediately said yes.

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