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Portronic launches My Buddy Hexa portable laptop
Posted Date:-2/11/2019 4:18:52 PM


Portronics has launched the company's latest laptop stand My Buddy Hexa, which reduces the stretch in your neck due to the right screen viewing angle on your screen. Additionally, while typing your fingers and wrists on the keyboard, optimal 7 adjustable angles are also found which reduce fatigue. It provides natural ventilation without fan.


Has strong ABS plastic body. It can easily carry any laptop, including Mac Book and tablet from 13 inches to 15 inches. To ensure this, there are anti-slip rubber pads for the laptop firm and even rubberized feet to ensure that it is not skid even with glass surfaces.

When a 7-level adjustable flap is folded down, easily and easily, Mai makes the body of big hex completely flat so that it can easily slide into a laptop bag and whenever and wherever it is needed. Can get out of It has dimensions of 28x25x1.5cm and about half kilogram weight makes it very light and portable.

Portionics My Buddy Hexa costs Rs. 699 is available from online and offline stores, but you can get it at R Can get in. Rs 649 from Flip kart.

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