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Apple warns developers to remove screen recording code
Posted Date:-2/11/2019 4:06:40 PM

Apple has started informing app developers to remove or disclose their use of analytics code that allows them to record how a user interacts with their i phone apps or face removal from the app store. This comes after major companies, like Expedia, Hollister, and Hotels.com were spotted using a third-party analytics tool to record every tap and swipe inside the app.
These apps do not ask for user permission and none of the companies said in their privacy policies that they were recording a user’s app activity. Data including passport numbers and credit card numbers were being leaked.
Glass box is a cross-platform analytics tool that specializes in session replay technology. It allows companies to integrate their screen recording technology into their apps to replay how a user interacts with the apps to reduce app error rates. However, the company “doesn’t enforce its customers” to mention that they use Glass box’s screen recording tools in their privacy policies.
App developers had already been notified that their apps don’t follow Apple’s policies and one app developer was told by Apple to remove code that recorded app activities, citing the company’s app store guidelines. Apple gave the developer less than a day to remove the code and resubmit their app or the app would be removed from the app store.


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