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Infighting among fire leaders during massive Calif.Fire
Posted Date:-2/10/2019 4:37:37 PM

During the largest forest fire in California's history, there has been an uproar among leaders of many agencies, who, according to a report released on Friday, tampered with ground troops and created a tense atmosphere.
The report compiled by the employees of the American Forest Service, Cal Fire and LA City Fire Department, is focused on an incident on August 19, in which a group of firefighters of LA and California Forestry and Fire Protection Department died. Mendocino Complex is surrounded by flames.
At that time, many firefighters on the ground expressed concern that they would build fire lines, there was no clear plan. The fire was approaching the front, and most firefighters assigned to work believed that they did not know what they were going to do.
According to the report, firefighters of LA city had heard that a crew who had turned down an assignment was punished for taking garbage and other worldly activities. Consequently, he pledged further in spite of his concerns.
Due to a change in the air, the flames surrounded the fire, which forced them to guard through the forest. Daylight suddenly turned into darkness and wandered around the angara and ash crew. Scanning the area for an elusive escape route, Strike Team Leader thought, It ends this way. We are going to be evaporated
A firefighter was flown into the burn center, and the other was taken to the hospital for a disorderly shoulder. The other four was treated to burn their head and neck.
It has been said in the report that its goal was to understand why this was a fatal incident and what can be learned from it. Fire investigators also want to understand how the leaders can contribute to the events leading to the occurrence of tension.
By the time of the firefighters' brush with death, the Mendocino Complex fire, which had been burning for almost three weeks, had grown to almost 385,000 acres, about 600 square miles, and firefighters were tired. Just in that day, it had already burned 21,000 acres.
In total, the fire, which started July 27, ended up burning 459,123 acres and destroying 280 structures. Over the past few months, investigators have interviewed numerous firefighters who worked on the Mendocino Complex fire.
Their report suggests that tension among leaders, along with substantial communication issues, including radio "dead spots" where communication wasn't possible, might have contributed to the chaos that ensued Aug. 19.
A firefighter said that Kail Fire and U.S. Forrest Service "The rivalry was clear on this fire, and I believe it was an obstacle to operational speed and production."


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