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Jan Southern special trains arranged by SC Railway.
Posted Date:-1/12/2019 4:59:43 PM


Southern Railway will operate Jan Southern special trains on various routes to reduce traffic congestion on Sankranti festival. These trains do not have reservation. Only 16 second class Coaches two luggaged and brake vans. Special charges will not be charged.


The regular ticket from Secunderabad to Vijayawada is Rs 130, Vijayawada from Hyderabad Rs 135, Tirupati to Kakinada Rs 175, Vijayawada from Vijayagara Rs 1,45.


The Secunderabad-Vijayawada (Train No. 07192) will depart Secunderabad at 12 noon on 12 noon. Secunderabad-Vijayawada (07194) will leave Secunderabad at 11.30 pm on September 12. The Vijayawada-Hyderabad (07193) special train will depart Vijayawada at 8.30 pm.


The Tirupati-Kakinada (07190) special train will depart Tirupati at 9.50 pm on 12th. Vijayawada-Vijayanagar (07184) Special Train will leave Vijayawada at 10.10pm on 12th. Vijayawada-Secunderabad (07195) and Vijayanagar-Vijayawada (07185) special will leave at 12 noon.

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