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Trump floats 'path to citizenship' ,H1B changes soon
Posted Date:-1/12/2019 1:13:14 PM

A good news for the Indians working in America told the news that they would remain in jobs with Trump's attitude and living in the US. Trump revealed that H-1B visa rules will be big changes in order to continue the job and to make the path of greater citizenship.
Most Indians are from IT professionals in the United States. For decades they are working there ... there is no permanent residence / citizenship. In the first two years, the government has banned trump. Expansion of visa termination and new H-1B visa have been tightened. However, Trump is planning to change the rules that encourage the most talents and live in the US. He has recently mentioned 'merit based immigration system'.
During a meeting with lawmakers last month, Homeland Security Secretary kirstjen nielsen said that applications for abolition of work visas are beyond the limits of the extent of the work, to take a closer look and to select the most talented professionals. The US Citizenship and Immigration Department 'USCIS' has also proposed to the government in November last year to give priority to H-1B visas for talented people who work with higher wages.
In the US H1-B visa applicants can be more positive. There are simple rules that will ensure that they stay in their jobs. They also contribute to American citizenship. Talented people want to encourage highly skilled professionals. They can improve their employment opportunities in the United States.


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