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ISRO to Launch Chandrayaan-2 in April
Posted Date:-1/11/2019 6:49:03 PM


ISRO Chairman K.Shivan said that Chandrayaan-II will be launched between January-February.But we could not complete a few tests. so we miss the launch. Now we are looking for Chandrayaan-II mission to be launched in mid-April. This will be the second Chandrayaan project of India. 10 years ago, ISRO successfully completed Chandrayaan-I.


Sivan of ISRO chief said that the schedule of Chandrayaan-II will be between March 25, 2019 and the end of April. He said that it is more likely to happen in the end of April. Sivan said that once the February deadline is over, the next target is April-2015. ISRO has planned for April. The cost of the mission would be around Rs 30 crore, he added.

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