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SpiceJet 8 new services from Hyderabad
Posted Date:-12/6/2018 4:08:52 PM


SpiceJet will launch 8 new services from January 1 to Hyderabad. So far, the company operates 33 services directly from Hyderabad and will add 41 new services. Direct flights from Hyderabad to Kolkata, Pune and Coimbatore have been created and new services have been created.


The initial offers: Hyderabad-Kolkata route - Rs 2,699, Kolkata-Hyderabad route - from Rs 3,199, Hyderabad-Pune - from Rs 2,429 to Pune-Hyderabad to Rs.2,209, Hyderabad-Coimbatore From 2,809, Coimbatore-Hyderabad - Rs.2,309 ticket prices will be offered as an initial offer.

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