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Government to amend the Aadhaar Act.
Posted Date:-12/6/2018 4:01:33 PM


In the past, civilians who have been given privately to the public have made a proposal to withdraw those details. "The preliminary proposals for the amendment have been prepared by the UIDAI. The UIDAI has proposed to give a six month time to withdraw the details of Aadhaar, which was given to private companies before the age of 18 years, "a senior officer said. 


The proposal was sent to the judiciary. "The Department of Justice said that it should be given to all citizens without restricting the Aadhaar details to certain sections of the people," the government official said. This file is followed by a Cabinet examination. The Supreme Court bench of the Supreme Court last September recommended to hit Section 57 of the Aadhaar Act, which allows private companies to utilize Aadhaar data. 


The bench said that it was unconstitutional to link Aadhaar numbers to bank accounts and SIM cards. However, the Aadhar link to the Permanent Account Number (PAN) was supported.37.50 crore pans were issued till March this year. Of these, the pans issued to individuals were only 36.54 while the panniers connected with Aadhaar were only 16.84 crore.

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