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Why is my offer associated with it?
Posted Date:-12/6/2018 4:00:38 PM


Mallya announced on Wednesday that she would reclaim her 100 per cent public money to Indian banks. The banks have asked the government to take this money. Mallya is currently in London. The Indian government has appealed to the court to hand over the cases of various financial crimes to him. The Westminster Magistrates Court will be pronounced on the tenth day of this month. In this case, the possibility of judging against Mallya.


On the other hand, the UAE recently handed the British nationalist Christian Michele a dealer in Agasta Westland Helicopters deal. The news was reported yesterday that Malya was also offering London officials to hand over India to Mallya to make him sympathetic to India. Mallya responded to these issues. Wherever I am, my appeal is the same, Please take the money. I want to stop the news that I am taking money, "Malya tweeted this morning.

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