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5G iphone in 2020
Posted Date:-11/9/2018 5:40:39 PM


According to a report, the first 5G will come into the market in the year 2020. The iPhone 5G is expected to be released using Intel's MODEM 8161. The report claims that Intel only supplies modems to iPads if all goes according to plan. Apple has worked on the 8060 chip for 5G phone modeling and testing. But Apple is reported to be unsatisfactory as it has become a problem because it gets too hot, causing battery life to hurt.


Intel Transistor density, speed and efficiency, improved the 8161 chip. The report claims that Apple is not as big as Intel's current problem, so it is unlikely that Apple will be redirected towards Qualcomm for 5G modems. The company has provided 5G modem chips to Shame, Oppo and Huawei. The report reveals that the modem is controlled by heat extinguishment.

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