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Sony Charishta about Action King Arjun Sarja
Posted Date:-10/22/2018 7:04:51 PM


Arjun Sarja, popularly known as Action King, who acted in more than 153 films across South Industries like Tamil, Telugu and Kannada languages. This actor found himself being alleged of having misconduct on the sets which is also seen as a form of sexual harassment. 


Another young actress Sony Charistha defended Arjun Sarja. She said that he is a gentleman and all the allegations are not true."I have worked with Mr Arjun Sarja in Kontract movie (yet to be released) and I know the kind of person he is. He is a thorough professional when it comes to work and I don't believe in the allegations levelled against him. He respects women and can never do any kind of activity that can be uncomfortable to a lady. This is my honest opinion and all my support to Arjun Sarja Sir at this stage,"said Sony Charishta.

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