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Scholes:Messi will struggle right now with this team
Posted Date:-10/19/2018 11:00:26 AM


“Lionel Messi would struggle in current Manchester United team” quoted Paul Scholes. The former Manchester United midfielder had this to say about the bedlam of his old club that seems to be struggling to find its position in the Premier League. 


Currently 8TH in the table, it might not be too long till they view the feat of their opponents. “United now feels like Liverpool from years ago, like we’re making all the same mistakes as they did.” Scholes avowed that the organization is appearing to go through the same turmoil their opponents had to push through a several years back when Manchester United was flourishing. “ I feel like people at Liverpool and Man City are looking at us and laughing.”


Despite the efforts of Mourinho to recruit players, a whooping $460 million , the job is yet to be done as the team lay under pressure without remarkable development examined Scholes. He critiques it isn’t the lack of talent on the team but the missed opportunities to sign a player to link the midfield with the forwards. 


"It feels like every player who comes into the team struggles. I feel like we could sign Lionel Messi at the moment and he'd struggle in this team.” Scholes appreciates Mourinho for performing his job but seems to question his judgment as he’s being out matched at every move.

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