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E-sim features in Apple iPhones
Posted Date:-9/18/2018 7:18:11 PM



 The software iconic Apple has recently released its new iPhone, iPhone XS, XM Max, and XR. These phones are soon available to users. But this is the new dual SIM feature. But these phones do not have two SIM slots. Only one sim slot. Another sim e-sim function. But about this e-sim? How do I activate it? How does it work? Let's get to know details like this now!

The e-SIM feature is actually a SIM card. Works like a simple sim. If not, the SIM slot does not exist. But in the phone itself, a blank embedded chip is made for e-sim. In that, telecom operators send wireless data to the SIM. E-SIM will be activated later. Since then the e-SIM can be used as a simple SIM card. How to activate e-SIM in iPhone.

1. Go to the Settings section of the iPhone and select the cellular option in it.

2. In the cellular section, select the option of 'Add Cellular Plan' in Cellular Plans section.

3. Scan the query code given by the telecom operator. Or the settings they provide are manually set.

4. Setting the settings comes with the confirmation code for e-sim. E-SIM will be activated when you enter the code.

The e-sim is activated on iPhone. This allows them to use dual sim. Of course, one of the two sims is primarily set to another SIM. You can use services such as internet, calls, SMS, email and first time  from the SIM which is set primarily. The secondary SIM will be able to use calls and SMS only.


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