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Chiranjeevi circumstances Repeat for Pawan Kalyan
Posted Date:-9/15/2018 2:48:38 PM


Chiranjeevi has very close friends in the film industry. But many of those did not go along with him to politics. Some friends are supporting the other parties without supporting Chiranjeevi.

The film is different and the politics are different. People realized the reality If the Chiranjeevi started party then half of  the film industry would be behind him  is not true. Everyone though Pawan Kalyan is different than Chiranjeevi as he has blind followers. Also they thought whatever pawan says everyone follows.

We know what happened? Bandla Ganesh , who is great fan of Pawan joined congress. He says he likes Pawan very much but party wise he likes congress. He never criticizes Pawan, says Ganesh.

Many of those who claim to be his devotees are not reacting when many criticizing Pawan.  It is clear that anyone like Nitin has supported to Pawan, but has no political support. There will be magnetic power either for the party in power or vast experienced party but not for the party in budding stage.

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