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Salman Khan:Will Never Play As Villain
Posted Date:-9/10/2018 10:52:08 AM


Salman Khan has completed 30 years in the Hindi film industry recently. His first film, ‘Bevi Ho To Aisi’, was released on August 26, 1988. Subsequently, Salman Khan started his career as a lead actor, in Maine Pyaar Kiya. Later, his films had consistent success. 

In one recent  interview Salman said that  he consider his films as turning points which are very successful and also believe in films which have been unsuccessful. Since you can  learn in both situations. Salman says that most of his  movies, in which there is a message,’ I try to show the moral through my films and give the message the victory of the right, which are failing’. During this time, when Salman tried to know what was the reason why both Shahrukh Khan  and  Aamir Khan have played Villain, they have not been seen in the villain role till date. He always plays heroes. On this, Salman said in his interaction that he does not want to play villain anytime because he feels that people will be impressed by him and they will start behaving themselves in the same way.

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