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Yeddyuppa took sensational decision
Posted Date:-5/17/2018 6:35:43 PM


BS Yeddyurappa, who took the oath of office as Chief Minister, has made a sensational decision. The Chief Minister made the first signing of the Rs 56,000 crore farm loan waiver.Yeddyurappa observed that the Siddaramaiah government was lost because of the anti-farmer decision making the farmer a positive attitude to the first decision from the CM. Yeddyurappa, who has sworn the green scarf in solidarity with the farmers, said that as a goddess, Yeddyurappa has promised that the farmers will be completely wiped out if they win the elections.

Yeddyurappa fulfilled the promise given to farmers first after taking office as chief minister. Currently Yeddyurappa is the only CM. The cabinet did not swear by the fact that the issue of controversy continues. The Governor gave a 15-days  deadline to prove the strength of the assembly. He is likely to have a cabinet of ministers after he is forced to do so. Yeddyurappa is expected to make more sensitive decisions after completing the full cabinet.

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