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I have no faith in EVMs ‘Vishal’:
Posted Date:-5/17/2018 6:27:55 PM


Star hero Vishal has once again made a political comment. Vishal's latest film, Irumbu Tirai (Abhimanyu in Telugu), was held on Thursday. He made interesting comments on the program. "EVMs have become crucial in the ongoing elections in our country. I have no faith in EVMs. I have full confidence in the ballot paper. In the name of reforms, the Government of India, But there is a feeling of insecurity among them. Finally, the Supreme Court is also suspecting their credibility, "said Vishal.

He has expressed his gratitude to the audience on the marriage, and expressed his gratitude to the viewers on the film Success. Vishal once again announced the marriage. "In January, there will be a wedding with a Tamil girl. The first marriage was in Nadiragar Sangam Kalyana Mandapam. Kollywood actress Varalakshmi Sharath Kumar is in Vishal Relationship.

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