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Salman Khan get angry on journalist:
Posted Date:-5/16/2018 8:31:29 PM


Salman Khan's 'Race-3' trailer was released on Tuesday. Salman spoke to the media as part of the film promotion. A few days ago, Jodhpur's court ruled that Salman Khan was sentenced to five years imprisonment in a case involving hunting  Krishna deer . Salman was angry with the question of a journalist. The journalist questioned, "When you were convicted in the case of Krishna deer, you were worried about your film producers and their money.

But when he finished the question, Salman gave the counter. He replied, 'Do I have a life in prison?' The journalist who is unaware of this unexpected reply has responded to Salman. Salman responded by saying, 'Thank you so much about it.' Salman is currently shooting for Bail in the case where he hunted Krishna deer. Anil Kapoor, Bobby Deol and Jacqueline are playing the lead roles in Salman's Race 3. Presently, the film is going to be aired on June 15th.

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