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Priyanka Gandhi is leading the Congress-JDS
Posted Date:-5/16/2018 8:20:06 PM


Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has been accused of involvement of the Indian National Congress (INC) and Janata Dal Secular (JDS) in Karnataka. Priyanka told Congress President Rahul Gandhi to offer him the chief minister's post to support Congress if the report is a summary.

Rahul Sasimira to team up with JDS before the Karnataka elections. He also alleged that the JDS secretive agreement with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Following the results of the election, Ghulam Nabi Azad Deve Gowda and Kumaraswamy, who landed in the direction of the orders, conceded to the Congress offer to concede.


Kumaraswamy as the Chief Minister has been strengthening the politics of the Congress as it has been confirmed by the Congress. But in 2019, will the Congress party allies agree to his candidacy as prime minister? The question arises. In the report, Sonia Gandhi has repeatedly emphasized the need to come back to active politics after the Karnataka election results.

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