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52 People dead in Gaza clashes
Posted Date:-5/15/2018 7:41:46 PM



The US embassy in Israel has been moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on Monday amid intense tensions and major violent incidents. There was a massive violence in the Gaza Strip in Palestine. Protest demonstrations by the Palestinians were oppressed by the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem. At least 52 people have been killed by Israeli forces on tens of thousands who attempted to cross the border.

This is the first such violence in Israel since the Israeli-Palestinian war in Gaza in 2014. 2,400 people were injured, said Hamas of Palestine. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas accused Israel of being a terrible carnage. Palestinian protesters threw the tires and rocked the soldiers on the border. The security forces said that Hamas was responsible for the violence and stoking concerns that Israel could infiltrate the territory. The US Embassy in Jerusalem was officially opened on Monday as Trump announced in December last year that the Israeli embassy would change.


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