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Karnataka Governor providing Golden opportunity
Posted Date:-5/15/2018 8:16:17 PM


Following the election results, Karnataka Governor Vijubhai Rudabhai took a sensational decision. The BJP has proved to be strong in the assembly in seven days, providing the golden opportunity. The JDS-Congress factions expressed concern.

What happened? JDS chief Kumaraswamy, who was promising to form the government with Congress support, asked the governor's appointment. Yeddyurappa, who met the governor before Kumaraswamy ... requested the governor to give the BJP a chance.

The governor said, "Yeddyurappa, who will form the government, has given Governor Vijubhai a chance. Yeddyurappa told the media that the governor had said, "We have to prove the strength of the assembly within days  from today. He will prove to be 100 percent strength. Apart from Yeddyurappa, the meeting was attended by Union Minister Ananth Kumar, BJP leaders Sreeramulu and others. First, the JV-Congress leaders were later handed over to the BJP leaders.

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