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Hello Movie Nominated For best action Movie
Posted Date:-5/14/2018 5:51:38 PM


Hello is the film made in the direction of Akhil Hero. The positive talk of the film will come ... Collections did not come as expected. Cinema Taking, directed by Vikram in the direction of the story, has good marks. The film 'Hello' has been recognized internationally.

Vikram has been nominated for the Best Action Movie Award at Hello Film. "We are happy to be nominated for the World Stunt Award for hello movie ... Fight Master Bob Brown, Editor Praveen Pudi, Camera PS Vinood, Anup Rubens, Thank you for Nagarjuna. All of you have combined these fighting scenes to get better. This is what has been achieved by Akhil's dedication and hard work, and your attitude takes you to a height. You have to be the same '.

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