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once again we lost in front of you
Posted Date:-5/14/2018 4:22:45 PM


Delhi Daredevils is the first team to lose playoff chances in IPL this year. Though Gambhir did not get out of captaincy, Shreyas Iyer did not come up with Delhi though the team took over. In the 12 matches played so far, only three wins in the final. Delhi has not yet won the IPL title.

This year, I have entered the IPL with a lot of hopes and a lot of players in auction. But it did not seem to be as good as expected. Delhi Daredevils CEO Hemant Duwa is disappointed with the team's poor performance. "It's another tough year. Delhi Daredevils fans once again lost in front of you. You've read all the tweets you made. We are just as disappointed as you see the team performance. You may not believe it. But the truth. With the win we went to the tournament. We have won the best coaches and good players at auction. You agree with this. Chris Meris, Casuibo Rambada, were injured due to injuries. Some senior players have lost their form. Rishabh Pant, Prithvi Shah, Shreyas Iyer and other youngsters have shown their strength. We are going to be stronger next year, "Duwa expressed hope.

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