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   " జనులెరిగిన మీ కీర్తి - జగమెరగాలని మా ఆర్తి "
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I have always wanted to do a Marathi film because I’m born and brought up in Mumbai. I like learning languages. Of course, I have been familiar with Marathi because I’m brought up here and my sister’s husband is a Maharashtrian. So I have lot of friends and staff who are Maharashtrian. I said this t..

A relatable beauty, star family back-up and commendable acting chops, Sanah Kapoor has all the right ingredients to become the next big thing in B-town. Daughter of veterans Supriya Pathak and Pankaj Kapur and half sister of Shahid Kapoor, Sanah has become the talk of the town with her debut film Sh..